When Samuel contacted me by whatsapp in his search for a photographer in Paris to cover this special moment and tell me about the surprise proposal he planned in Paris with Erica, it was obvious he knew exactly what he was looking for. He had in mind doing it at Eiffel Tower, with the perfect setting, no crowd around, and a great lighting.

I offered him several possible locations close to the Eiffel Tower, at different possible times, but doing it in the early just seemed to be the perfect match regarding his expectations. Photographers in Paris as much as in other locations know that this is a great time, and light is just as good as the one you have with beautiful sunlight.

So after planning carefully with Samuel all the details about the exact time and location close to the Eiffel Tower, and providing him with advices about the surprise proposal, etc., I was ready to shoot a beautiful moment! A surprise marriage proposal in Paris or Eiffel tower surprise proposal is always a mix of stress & excitement for the photographer, but also the best way to wake up all my photojournalist reflexes. And with Erica’s reaction and spontaneity, the result is just stunning. For full details simply send me a mail using the Contact page.