Are you busy trying to fit in as much as possible during your time here in Paris. But also have your heart set on to do Couples Photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower and capture you and your partner in this magnificent city?

I get it, Paris is overflowing with things to see and places to go. If your schedule only gives you time for a 1 hour photoshoot, you’re perhaps worried a single location and short time-frame will result in a series of photographs with limited variation.

Let me assure you that even with just one hour of your time we can create a surprisingly varied, beautiful series of photographs.

My portrait collections comprise of 1, 2, 3, and 4-hour photoshoots – for full details simply send me a mail using the Contact page. When couples are in the process of booking me I recommend working around a single location per hour of shooting – maximising shooting time, minimising the time spent traveling.

Of course, the more time we have together the more varied the photographs will be. However, this being Paris, the locations I work around have so many different options and hidden corners that a 1-hour photoshoot can provide a beautifully varied set of photographs. For example, clients choosing the Eiffel Tower area doesn’t necessarily mean all the shots will be from the same vantage point with the tower clearly visible in the background. We spend an hour fully exploring the area together, looking for interesting backdrops and compositions. Yes, of course, I ensure that the images have that Paris feel to them but I don’t work to a fixed ‘safe’ formula, instead trying to mix things up a little with each session to create a unique set of photographs for every couple I work with.

Artsiom, Marthe, and I spent an hour one evening taking a stroll around the Eiffel Tower area. Here’s a handful of images from our photoshoot.

If you’re coming to Paris and are a little rushed for time regarding a photoshoot send me a mail. With just an hour of your time, I’ll ensure you return home to a beautiful, varied set of images.